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Income increased, expenditure rupees, PM Modi’s attack on Revadi culture after victory in Gujarat

Gujarat-Himachal Election Result 2022: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a big statement without mentioning the Revadi culture. Without naming Sri Lanka and Pakistan, he said that they are seeing what has happened in the countries around them. PM Modi said this while addressing the party workers at the BJP headquarters after the results of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Our forefathers have said a proverb that if this account is maintained, we are seeing it in the countries around us. That’s why the country is alert today. Every political party in the country has to remember that no one can be benefited by electoral gimmicks. In fact, the neighboring country Sri Lanka is going through an economic crisis. Along with this, Pakistan is also seeking loans from international organizations.

have already given statements

PM Narendra Modi has already given many statements regarding the free Revadi culture. After inaugurating the Bundelkhand Expressway in July 2022, he targeted the people without naming any party. He had said that distributing free Revadis is harmful for the country. He also said that those who distribute Revdi can never develop the country. On this statement, Delhi Chief Minister CM Arvind Kejriwal retorted in October 2022 and said that education is free in rich countries but the leaders of our country call it free Revadi.

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What did you say about the election?

PM Narendra Modi said that the people of Gujarat have made a record even in breaking records. By giving the biggest mandate in the history of Gujarat to the BJP, the people of the state have created a new history. Voted for BJP rising above caste, class, community and all kinds of divisions. He also said that the victory-defeat has been decided in the elections of Himachal Pradesh by less than one percent margin. There has never been a result in Himachal Pradesh with such a small margin. The government has changed in Himachal every 5 years but every time the government has changed with a difference of 5-7%.

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