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In the case pending for 33 years, the court said to the lawyer, argue, otherwise a fine of 1 lakh will be imposed.

Gujarat High Court Hearing On 33 Years Old Case: Gujarat High Court has put a strange condition in front of the lawyer who is defending a case pending for the last 33 years. The court forced the lawyer to argue his case. If he did not do so, he was warned of a fine of Rs 1 lakh. A division bench of Chief Justice Arvind Kumar and Ashutosh J Shastri refused to adjourn the matter citing that the petition is pending in the High Court for the last 33 years.

Actually, Advocate Aditya Bhatt requested the bench to adjourn the case. He argued that he is appearing for the first time in the case. The lawyer said that with folded hands he requests the court to adjourn the matter. In response, High Court Chief Justice Arvind Kumar said, “We are also folding hands, please take the case forward.” Angered by the demand for adjournment of the case, the Justice warned that he would impose a fine.

the court warned

Responding to the request of the lawyer, the court said that it will dismiss the appeal. The court told the lawyer that if you still insist on postponing the case, then we will dismiss your case. Then go to the Supreme Court and tell them what is happening here? The first appeal is pending since 33 years as the lawyers are not arguing the case. There will be no benefit from this. This will be a message for the society.

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Chief Justice took a pinch

Gujarat High Court Chief Justice Arvind Kumar quipped and further said that if you want you can curse us but please debate. To this the lawyer replied that he could never think of cursing the court, he would only bless the court. On this CJ Kumar insisted that if you want to bless us, then bless us by debating the case.

Justice instructed the lawyer

The counsel informed the bench that he did not have the case papers to argue. However, the Chief Justice gave his copy to the lawyer and asked him to argue the matter. The bench gave him one hour to prepare his arguments, after going through the papers in the courtroom itself. The Bench made it clear that its concern was to dispose of all those cases which were pending for the last 25 years and more. The bench said last week that it would give priority to all those old cases which are pending for the last 40 to 50 years.

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