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In Ghaziabad, wife along with her lover killed her husband, children told the story of the incident

Ghaziabad Murder Case: In Ghaziabad, the police has revealed the murder of a young man named Mahendra Rana. In this murder, the police have arrested Mahendra’s wife Kavita and her lover Vinay Sharma. Both made a plan and killed Mahendra.

Kavita works as a nurse at Sarvodaya Hospital in Ghaziabad. At the same time, Vinay Sharma works for insurance in this hospital. Both met in this hospital and married Kavita fell in love with Vinay. According to the police, on Tuesday (November 29) night, Mahendra had come drunk and had a fight with his wife.

It is alleged that after this Kavita strangled him to death. After that, she cleverly took Mahendra to Sarvodaya Hospital and tried to make everyone believe that Mahendra had committed suicide, but following the protocol, the hospital informed the police. When the postmortem was done by the police, it was found that Mahendra had been strangled to death.

What did the police say?

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SP City Ghaziabad Nipun Aggarwal said that during interrogation of Kavita’s 13-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son, it was found that Mahendra had come drunk at night, then he had a fight with Kavita, after which he saw that his mother (Kavita) was lying on the bed of Mahendra. Climbing on his chest and strangling him.

Police said that they have found WhatsApp chats and recordings of Kavita and her boyfriend Vinay Sharma, which proved that Vinay and Kavita together planned and killed Mahendra.

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