Human: Kirti Kulhari said on KISS scene with Shefali Shah, ‘I was afraid, what if…’


The web series Human, released on Disney Hotstar, is in the headlines these days. The series stars Shefali Shah and Kirti Kulhari in the lead roles. The series explains how new drugs are used on humans before they are brought to market. How people participating in drug trials turn into note printing machines for companies and doctors and greed knows no bounds. Kirti Kulhari and Shefali Shah played the role of doctors in the series. Both have also been seen doing each other’s kissing scenes. Recently, Kirti shared her experience.

Why was it weird to do KISS
It was not easy for Kirti Kulhari to kiss a woman on the screen. In an interview to Hindustan Times, he told that it was strange for him to even think of trying to build that chemistry with a woman. Strange thoughts were coming in his mind while shooting this scene.

so it was different
Kirti said in the conversation that of course, I am an actress, of course, I am ready for it, but it is still strange for me. Because I’ve never done this before. It is still strange for me to give the same expressions while making chemistry with a woman, as it is for a boy in real. it is different.

Afraid somewhere, if I get turned on?
Regarding shooting of the kiss scene in ‘Human’, the actress said, ‘I think the most nervous about the kissing scene was my director Moses Singh. I was just wondering what would happen? What if I feel something while doing KISS, if I get turned on? Then I sit and start thinking whether I am also interested in women? We didn’t rehearse. The director took 8-10 takes from different angles of kiss.

When Kirti said she lost her virginity onscreen
Kirti also told that after completing the scene, she also told Shefali that I have lost my onscreen virginity with you. I have never kissed onscreen.

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