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How and who hacked AIIMS server? Delhi Police will tell soon after the CSFL report

Delhi AIIMS: Only the IFSO unit of the Special Cell of Delhi Police is officially probing the matter right now. Delhi Police sources say that the infected server of AIIMS server has been sent to the Central Forensic Lab CFSL for investigation and they are investigating it. From this it will be known from where this server was hacked? What is its source? Was this hacking done from inside India or from outside it will be clear only after investigation.

Central Forensic Lab’s Delhi (Delhi) and Ahmedabad (Ahmedabad)’s team is investigating this infected server. Apart from this, the IFSO unit of Delhi Police, which was earlier called Saiped, is also conducting a parallel investigation with its experts. So far the source of hacking has not been detected.

NIA is also involved in the investigation

The servers of AIIMS which have been restored or the work of rectification is going on, from the Home Ministry to the IT Ministry and many different departments are working. Delhi Police is officially probing how the server was hacked and unofficially NIA has also gone to AIIMS and joined the investigation.

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Soon after the CFSL report comes, the Delhi Police can issue an official statement. Delhi Police sources say that very soon the police will issue a statement in this regard.

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