His favorite Mayor Sanjeev Bittu removed from Patiala Municipal Corporation in front of Captain Amarinder Singh


Punjab Election 2022: Former Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, who resigned from the Congress and formed his new party in Punjab, has got another setback from the Congress. Mayor Sanjeev Sharma Bittu, considered close to him in the Captain’s stronghold Patiala, was sacked after facing defeat in the no-confidence motion and will be replaced by Deputy Mayor Yoginder Singh Yogi. During the no-confidence motion, there was a lot of uproar in Patiala Municipal Corporation. Amarinder Singh called the removal of his close aide Sanjeev Sharma Bittu illegal.

In Patiala Municipal Corporation, 40 councilors had demanded to bring a no-confidence motion against Sanjeev Sharma Bittu. During the vote, Sanjeev Sharma Bittu got 25 votes, while 36 councilors voted against him. Regarding this, Captain Amarinder Singh said that 2/3 majority was needed to remove the mayor of Patiala, but 25 out of 63 votes were in favor of Mayor Sanjeev Sharma Bittu, that is, the mayor could not be removed, but the mayor was pushed to the ground. Suspended. Sanjeev Sharma will go to court against this.

Captain Amarinder Singh tweeted, “What the Congress government of Punjab has done is very shameful, which is at its last stage, is using the government machinery to intimidate the elected councilor of Patiala. Despite all the dogmas, they Couldn’t pass a no-confidence motion against the mayor because he had less numbers.”

Captain Amarinder Singh did his best to save the chair of Sanjeev Sharma Bittu. The Captain was also present in the corporation during the voting. Amarinder Singh had also cast his vote in support of Bittu. Of the 25 votes that Sanjeev Sharma Bittu got, 22 councilors and three local MLAs were given by Amarinder Singh, Harinder Pal Singh and Akali Dal councilor Harinder Kohli.

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