Genes found to increase the risk of death from corona by more than double


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A Polish scientist has discovered a gene that they believe can more than double the risk of becoming seriously ill and even dying from covid. According to the Ministry of Health in Warsaw, this discovery will help in identifying people who are most at risk for this disease. Significantly, in Poland alone, more than one lakh people have lost their lives due to corona infection. According to a Bloomberg report, From the end of June, it is planning to include these genetic tests in testing at the time of screening of patients with Kovid infection.

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According to this research by the Medical University of Bialystok, this gene may be present in about 14% of the population of Poland, compared to 9% in Europe and 27% in India. It states that it is the fourth most important factor in determining the severity of the disease after age, weight and gender.

According to Professor Merkin Moniuzco, who is in charge of this study, ‘This genetic test can prove to be extremely helpful in identifying people who are at serious risk of infection, even before the infection develops. can be in. This conclusion was drawn after studying about 1500 people, although the ministry did not say that this research was reviewed. This research can shed light on the reason behind the high COVID mortality rate in the country, apart from the hesitation about vaccination. Here the average mortality rate during the epidemic is more than 20 percent, which is among the worst mortality rates in the European Union.


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