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forgiveness quotes in hindi

Nothing has more power to convert sin into virtue than forgiveness. Must read this article to know the importance of forgiveness in life.

Forgiveness is a divine quality, read what is its importance in life

motivational quotes on forgiveness

Madhukar Mishra

Madhukar Mishra

Updated on: Nov 21, 2022 | 6:36 AM

Many times such a situation comes in life when we have to apologize to others for our mistakes or we have to forgive the mistakes of others. Many times such a situation also comes when we have to apologize to others even though we are not wrong. However, in our place, forgiveness has been called the ornament of heroes. There is a lot of power in this. In true sense it is a divine quality which is found within very few people. Every religion teaches us to forgive others, because both the giver and the receiver get happiness. Forgiveness always proves to be beneficial for a man, while on the contrary, by getting angry, a man often does a great loss to himself. Let’s read 5 precious sentences telling the importance of forgiveness in life.

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  1. The person who first apologizes to anyone in life is really the bravest and the one who forgives first is the most powerful.
  2. The one who has done you a favor in the past, even if he commits a big crime, remember his favor and forgive him.
  3. Forgiveness is religion, forgiveness is sacrifice, forgiveness is Veda and forgiveness is scripture. One who knows the truth related to life, everything becomes forgivable.
  4. Forgiveness is the glory of brilliant men, forgiveness is the Brahman of ascetics, forgiveness is the truth of truthful men. Forgiveness is a sacrifice and forgiveness is a distraction.
  5. Apologizing to someone never proves that we are wrong and they are right, the real meaning of apologizing is that the ability to maintain relationships within us is more than the next person.

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