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Food craving is happening in pregnancy, so eat these healthy and tasty snacks

roasted chickpeas

If you are feeling hungry again and again during pregnancy, then roasted gram is a good way to satisfy small hunger pangs. It contains nutrients like fiber, protein and folate.

yogurt smoothie

If you feel like eating something cold and tasty, you can also take yogurt smoothie. By taking smoothie during pregnancy, you will get proper nutritions. With this you will also feel energetic throughout the day. Let us tell you that most of the fruits are full of vitamins and nutrients, the consumption of which is also beneficial for the growth of the child.

eat boiled eggs

Consuming boiled eggs during pregnancy is considered healthy. It is also beneficial for the health of the child. Eggs are rich in other nutrients including healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Boiled eggs can be eaten at any time of the day. This will not only satisfy your hunger but will also give you energy.

dry fruits

Nuts are the best snack. You can include almonds, cashews, pistachios or walnuts in the diet. This is very beneficial for your health. Protein, fiber, healthy fat and minerals found in nuts provide tremendous benefits to the body.

peanut butter

You can also eat peanut butter during pregnancy. two tablespoons peanut butter Take it. This amount contains 8 grams of plant-based protein, so you can use peanut butter in your favorite dish.

(The information given in this article is based on general beliefs. TV9 Hindi does not confirm it. Follow it only after consulting an expert.)

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