You might not know these 10 things about Parineeti Chopra, if you don’t believe it then bet.

Parineeti Chopra Unknown Facts: Parineeti Chopra will become Raghav Chadha’s companion today (September 24) at Lake City Fort in Udaipur. Both are in the headlines at the moment. Everyone is searching from social media to search engines to know about these two. We are going to tell you 10 things about Parineeti Chopra, which you probably don’t know.

Received honor from the President

You will be surprised to know that Parineeti Chopra has received an honor from the President. Actually, Parineeti was very bright in studies. She had topped in 12th, due to which the then President honored Parineeti.

Parineeti Chopra is so educated

Parineeti did not just get honor from the President for being top in studies. He has also studied a lot. Actually, he has studied Finance, Business and Economics from Manchester Business School.

When Parineeti was fired from her job

You will be surprised to know that Parineeti Chopra was once fired from her job. It so happened that before becoming an actress, Parineeti Chopra used to work in the banking sector. However, after some time he lost his job.

Yash Raj banner had changed the fate of Yash Raj

Let us tell you that fate was very kind to Parineeti Chopra. In fact, when Parineeti returned to India in 2009 after leaving her banking job, she got a chance to work directly in the Yash Raj banner.

Parineeti has also been Rani Mukherjee’s PA.

Along with working for Yash Raj banner, Parineet Chopra has also been a PA to a famous actress. Actually, he also worked as Rani Mukherjee’s PA.

Also expert in using voice magic

Parineeti Chopra is a trend classical music singer. She has cast the magic of her voice on everyone. Let us tell you that Parineeti has sung songs in two films. These songs are ‘Mana Ke Hum Yaar Nahi’ and ‘Teri Mitti’.

Has promoted competitor brands

It is usually seen that Bollywood stars promote one brand, but Parineeti is the first Bollywood actress to promote two competing brands at the same time.

Parineeti is the victim of this dirty habit

Parineeti Chopra may live a luxurious life and earn crores of rupees every year, but she is also a victim of a bad habit. Actually, Parineeti has a habit of biting the skin around her finger nails with her teeth.

Parineeti is scared of this thing

In reel life, Parineeti does not shy away from showing action, but in real life she is very scared of one thing. Actually, Parineeti feels very scared during air travel. What happens is that when the plane lands, Parineeti gets very scared.

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