When the girl came to sell gajra to Amitabh Bachchan at the traffic signal, know what happened then

Amitabh Bachchan: Actor Amitabh Bachchan shared an incident with his fans, in which he told about a girl selling gajra during Mumbai rains. On Sunday night, Big B told on his blog that once a girl came to him to sell gajra at Mumbai’s signal. When Amitabh asked her the price of the whole bunch, the girl hesitantly said that it cost Rs.500. Then Big B took all the gajra from the girl and gave 4-5 thousand rupees in her hand.

What did Amitabh write

Amitabh wrote – At a stop… she came… little… drenched in rain… could hardly reach even the door handle of the vehicle… carrying a bunch of gajra to sell . To make a living… he has to give his food or money to his elders or those from whom he had taken the goods. They have a feeling of great fear. She stood near the door, raised her hand and started showing the things and didn’t say a word… just stood…

Amitabh was without security
He further wrote – I lowered my window. If there was security with me, they would not have allowed me to do this. He would drive her away. But I did not take them that day. I asked him what do you want. She kept looking at me with hopeful eyes and again started showing me the bunch of gajra. I told him I want it, how much is it… He took out a gajra…

the girl wanted 500 rupees
Amitabh further wrote – The girl stood there… She started showing each gajra because people buy only one. I told him that I want a whole bunch. She was shocked to hear this. He was thinking that I was joking. I asked him the price. Perhaps no one had said this to him till date. She paused for a while, and then with a face I will probably never be able to forget, very fearfully she said 500 rupees.

Amitabh gave 5000 rupees
“Right now when I am writing, I remember his expressions… will he buy, will he bargain, is this price high, should I reduce it. I took out some notes, didn’t see how many there were, maybe 4-5 thousand, I took a bunch from him and handed over the money. No, I did not see his expression after that. The light had turned green and I had to proceed.

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