When Mumtaz got the tag of ‘B-grade’ heroine, big heroes did not work with her

<पी शैली="पाठ-संरेखण: औचित्य सिद्ध करें;">Mumtaz: People are still crazy about Mumtaz, the most popular and demanding actress of the 80s. She had made the audience crazy with her brilliant acting and unmatched beauty. There was a time when his name was famous in Hindi cinema.

When Mumtaz got the tag of ‘B-grade’ heroine
But the journey till here was not easy for him. Yes, before making her mark in films, Mumtaz was given the tag of B-grade heroine. The actress herself has revealed this. During a conversation with Dawn News, Mumtaz said that I had done small roles in the initial phase of my career, due to which I was given this tag in the industry. But I kept doing my work silently, thinking that one day God will definitely do justice.

Big heroes did not work together
Mumtaz further said that no hero wanted to work with me. But I would not like to blame the actors because everyone wants to climb the ladder of success in their career. It was my beginning that was wrong.

Then this actor changed his luck
But then Mehboob Sahib’s eyes fell on me. He showed a scene from one of my films to Dilip Kumar and asked him if he would like to work with this actress? He praised me and said that the girl is very nice. He further said that Dilip Kumar had agreed to work with me. Both of us were signed for ‘Ram Aur Shyam’. But when the trial shot was given, Dilip Kumar expressed concern to Mehboob that there was a huge age difference between him and me. However, later he agreed.

Mumtaz took this lesson from her career
Mumtaz further said that when I became a successful actress, I never refused to work with any actor. I always thought about that period when no one was ready to work with me. At the same time, when God made me worthy of this, I never discriminated among the actors. I thought that if I have the ability, I would not want to repeat what happened to me. I was ready to work with everyone. If the actor is not good then he will not get work in future. If it is good then you will get more work."

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