When Kareena Kapoor sang the wrong national anthem of India, people gave a class

Kareena Kapoor There are many actors in Bollywood who come into limelight due to their various antics. But let us tell you that Kareena Kapoor came into the headlines because she married Kareena Kapoor, the father of two children. After marriage, Kareena Kapoor had two children and she is living her life comfortably with them. But once again Kareena Kapoor did something which made her the target of people.

Kareena Kapoor sang the wrong national anthem

Every citizen of India knows the national anthem of the country and everyone sings it well. But Kareena Kapoor recently went to an event in Mumbai and there she had to sing the national anthem. But she sang the Indian national anthem wrong due to which she came under the target of people. People said that even though you live in India, if you do not sing the national anthem there then it is a matter of shame for you.

Kareena Kapoor stood with both her hands folded

Everyone knows that when the national anthem is sung, everyone has to stand at attention. At first Kareena Kapoor stood in a careful position but then stood with folded hands. But due to this, Kareena Kapoor came under the target of people and people said that you don’t even know how to stand in the national anthem. Kareena Kapoor has also admitted her mistake and said that she will keep this thing in mind in future.

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