When JP Dutta had reached the ‘border’ of frustration, he had crossed every ‘border’ in love.

JP Dutta Unknown Facts: He made many films, but one film took him to such a ‘border’ of fame that he remained extremely troubled. Surely we are talking about the famous director JP Dutta. Born on 3 October 1949 in Mumbai, JP Dutta does not need any identity. In the Birthday Special, we are introducing you to such stories from his life, which you might have hardly heard.

Slogans were raised on JP Dutta’s films

If we talk about films based on patriotism and war, JP Dutta’s name is taken at the top of the list. He won everyone’s hearts by making superhit films like Refugee, LOC and Border. After watching his films, the audience became so imbued with patriotism that they started raising slogans against Pakistan in the theater itself.

JP Dutta frustrated due to border

The success of the film Border took JP Dutta to the heights of fame, but because of this film, JP Dutta became very frustrated. He had revealed this during several interviews. JP Dutta had told that he made many films, which were also successful. However, his name is taken only because of the film Border, which caused him a lot of pain. Besides, it also felt quite bad.

The border also caused problems

You will be surprised to know that JP Dutta not only got frustrated because of the film Border, but because of this film he also got the biggest trouble of his life. In fact, on June 13, 1997, when the film Gadar was being shown in Delhi’s Uphaar Cinema, a massive fire broke out due to a short circuit. 59 people died in this tragic accident. This accident troubles JP Dutta even today.

Crossed the border in love

You will be surprised to know that JP Dutta, who always seemed calm, turned out to be completely different in the matter of love. He made Bindiya Goswami, an actress who was one of the famous actresses of yesteryear and who was 13 years younger than him, as his companion. Actually, JP Dutta and Bindiya Goswami first met on the sets of the film Sarhad. Bindiya was married at that time. Her closeness with JP Dutta grew so much that Bindiya divorced her husband Vinod Mehra. After this JP Dutta ran away and married Bindiya. He has two daughters Nidhi and Siddhi Dutta with JP Dutta.

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