When Dharmendra could not tolerate Raj Kumar’s joke, he angrily bit the actor’s collar

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Dharmendra-Raaj Kumar Fight: As strong as actor Raj Kumar looked on screen, he was equally strong in real life as well. Before appearing in films, he was a sub-inspector in the Bombay Police and perhaps this is the reason why he played the role of the police very well on the big screen. However, due to his tough nature, he could not get along with anyone in real life and because of this, he did not have many friends in the industry.

People respected Raj Kumar a lot and people did not think it right to retaliate, but once Dharmendra lost his temper and had a fierce fight with Raj Kumar.

Raj Kumar made fun of Dharmendra

Actually, Raj Kumar and Dharmendra worked together in the 1965 film ‘Kajal’. At that time Dharmendra was known for his api hatti katti body. According to media reports, Raj Kumar had commented on Dharmendra’s body. Raj Kumar told director Raj Maheshwari whether you want an actor or a wrestler for the film. Dharmendra got very angry with this, but he did not say anything.

Dharmendra lost his temper

Raj Kumar did not agree even in this much. After this he called Dharmendra a monkey and started laughing. This time Dharmendra lost his temper and grabbed Raj Kumar’s collar. If the people present there at that time had not come between the two, then the matter could have progressed much further. According to reports, Raj Kumar walked out of the set and refused to shoot. After much persuasion, both the actors agreed to shoot and the shooting of the film was completed.

Raj Kumar has also commented on Sunny Deol

Apart from Raj Kumar and Dharmendra in Kajal, Meena Kumari, Padmini, Mumtaz and Helen were also there. This film was successful at the box office. According to the report of the portal, in a private party, Raj Kumar had said something against Dharmendra’s son Sunny Deol. Dharmendra was also present there at that time. At that time also there was a lot of quarrel between the two.

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