This actress took a courageous step to take the story of Phoolan Devi to every home.

Seema Biswas Birthday Special: There are very few actors or actresses who get such recognition from their very first film, like Seema Biswas, one of the most talented actresses of Bollywood. One day Seema, who came from Assam, comes out of the theater and just makes a home in the hearts of the people. Before her film ‘Bandit Queen’ released in 1994, people did not know the things related to Phoolan Devi in ​​the way Seema Biswas told.

Seema Biswas was born on 14 January 1965 in Assam. Suddenly, at the age of 29, Seema Biswas did something which was not only praiseworthy but also shocking. Through Bandit Queen, he showed the seriousness of the atrocities on Phoolan Devi very seriously.

Why was the character of Phoolan Devi a courageous step?
Playing the character of Phoolan Devi in ​​Shekhar Kapur’s Bandit Queen was a bold move in many ways. That was Seema’s first film and it was a matter of great passion to say yes to shooting such scenes in the very first film. The year 1994 was not such a time when a woman would be shown naked in a film in the manner in which Seema Biswas was shown. Earlier, the scenes without clothes were shot in a ‘beautiful’ manner in the film. But the scene shot at the border was shot in such a way that it would create fear in the minds of the audience. Seema Biswas had told in an interview that when that scene was shot, the entire unit cried.

What did Seema tell about that scary scene of Bandit Queen?
During an interview given to Bollywood Hungama, Seema told that when she came to know about her scene being shot without clothes, it was disturbing for her, at the same time I also wanted to do that scene. Seema said, “I asked my teacher about this scene and he said you should talk to the director. When I talked to Shekhar Kapur why this scene was important, he gave a very correct logic. He said that people do not want to look back at this incident and this incident is so ugly and crosses the limits of inhumanity that I want to show it exactly like that. It will not be shown beautifully, it will be shown exactly as dirty as this incident was.

However, Seema Biswas did not do that scary scene.
Seema Biswas had also told in the same interview that she did not want to do this scene because she was not so bold. Although the director convinced me, my body double performed in my place in that scene. In an interview given to Leharen Retro, Seema had told that she had spent the night in the ravines to do this film. Because of this scene, the film had to face a lot of controversies. Seema had also told that when this scene was being shot, no one except the director and cameraman was allowed to go to that place.

About Seema’s family
Seema told many things about her family in an interview. He told that he was sent to study NSD. Her mother was also an actress and one of the sisters is a singer, some a dancer and some a painter. Seema had also told that when her family members saw her Bandit Queen, she was uncomfortable. Although the family knew that his body double was used in the scariest scene of the film, they were still afraid. She told that when her father looked at her after watching the film, he took a deep breath and said – Only our Seema can do this role. Our limits can only be so strong.

Seema has not just one but many great films in her credit.
Seema Biswas had got name-fame from her first film. After this, he worked in many great films. Like water, there was a beauty, silence and company. Seema Biswas played the role of actor Vijay Verma’s mother in the OTT series ‘Kaalkoot’ released last year. He breathed life into this role also. His water film was also in a lot of controversies. This film was even banned. Seema had also proved her acting prowess in films like Pinjar and Bhoot. Apart from this, people still remember his negative role in his 2007 film Risk.

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