These Bollywood actors compete with young actors with their fitness even in old age –

Actor Fitness: Every actor works hard to maintain his glam and fit look in Bollywood. There are some actors who start counting themselves in the category of elderly as soon as they cross the age of 40-45. But it is not so, such people should take inspiration from those Bollywood actors who still look fit and attractive even after becoming grandfathers and grandfathers. Yes, Bollywood actors often remain in the headlines for their fitness, which includes the names of many actors like Tiger Shroff, Vidyut Jamwal and John Abraham, but even today there are many such actors who, even after becoming grandfathers and grandfathers, still consider themselves fit. Make every effort to keep fit.

Even young actors lose in comparison to the fitness of these actors.

Despite increasing age, the shine of these stars does not fade. Today, through this article, we will see that despite such veteran stars, they leave no stone unturned in keeping themselves fit. Yes, they keep themselves fit by continuously sweating in the gym and leave the young actors far behind in terms of fitness. .

Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan is called the megastar of the century. Despite being 81 years old, he continues to rule the hearts of the audience with his excellent acting and strong acting. Even after reaching this stage of age, there is no visible decrease in the pace of his work. Even today, after seeing his powerful acting in films, it becomes difficult to guess his age. Amitabh Bachchan, who has become a grandfather and grandfather, leaves young actors far behind due to his strong acting and fitness.

Anil Kapoor

66-year-old veteran actor Anil Kapoor does not need any identity. Due to his excellent acting and fitness, he leaves behind even good young actors. Anil Kapoor has married two daughters and has also become a grandfather last year, but due to age, Even after reaching this stage, it becomes difficult to guess his age. To keep himself fit, Anil Kapoor keeps doing cycling, high intercity interval training and weight lifting, whose pictures and videos he often shares on social media. .


Dharmendra’s name is included among such actors of the film industry who leave even the youth behind with their fitness. Even though Dharmendra is seen working on screen, despite being 87 years old, he remains quite active in his personal life. Yes, even after becoming a grandfather and grandfather, he surprises people by doing one exercise after another. Looking at his fitness, it becomes difficult to guess his age.


South’s veteran actor Rajinikanth also proves to be successful in winning people’s hearts with his fitness and strong acting. Recently, he was seen in the film Jailer, which surprised people after seeing his fitness. Even after being 73 years old, he is still healthy. Looking at his fitness, it becomes difficult to guess his age. He has become a grandfather but even today he is seen defeating young actors with his fitness and acting.

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