The director of Titanic said on the Submarine incident – ​​the family was given false consolation for four days

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submersible titan tragedy: on Sunday Titanic The submarine Titan that went to see the wreckage of the ship has been destroyed. There were 5 American billionaires in this submarine, the death of all has been confirmed. Now the director of ‘Titanic’ film on this matter james cameron Expressed his condolences to the families of the victims. In an interview given to BBC, Cameron said that he was not surprised at all after knowing this news. They knew that for the last 4 days the families were being given false consolation.

James Cameron said that ‘I cannot imagine what the families of the victims must be going through. Those people were being given false hope for the last 4 days. It must have been terrible for the families of the victims. No excuse can be given for the incident that has happened.

Cameron said that people from many sea-exploring communities had written letters to the Oceangate Expedition and warned that their submarine was too experimental. At the same time, the top people of the engineering community who searched in Deep Sea also wrote a letter to the company and warned that this submarine is not fit to carry passengers. There was a need to get it certified.

This incident is more painful for James Cameron because Paul Henri Nargiolet, one of the 5 people aboard the Titan submarine, was his good friend. There was a friendship of 25 years between the two. Cameron, hurt by this accident, says that it is almost impossible to deal with this tragedy. Cameron said that before taking such a dive, safety needs to be taken care of the most.

Recalling the Titanic accident years ago, James Cameron said that seeing this incident once again reminded of the Titanic tragedy, when the Titanic ship collided with a huge iceberg despite several warnings from the captain. . Hundreds of people lost their lives in this accident.

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