Sunny Deol, unable to connect with the story of Seema and Anju, said- ‘It was not like this before..’

Sunny Deol on Seema-Anju: The film ‘Gadar 2’ is in buzz even before its release. Where Gadar was an iconic film, similarly people have the same expectations from this film. People are very excited to see Tara Singh again going to Pakistan to create a new story, but did you know that Sunny Deol did not know that ‘Gadar 2’ was made? Recently Sunny has told the reason behind this.

Whereas in this film, Sunny will be seen going from India to Pakistan to save her son, meanwhile, she has talked about Seema Haider who came to India from Pakistan and Anju who went from India to Pakistan.

Sunny Deol did not want to allow ‘Gadar 2’ to be made
In an interview given to Aaj Tak, Sunny Deol said that he did not want Gadar 2 to be made, but the story was written and the film was also made, which is now coming after 22 years. This is a family film and everyone wants to see his character of Tara Singh. On the other hand, Amisha Patel is in the role of a Pakistani woman named Sakina, who loves her husband very much.

Sunny Deol could not connect with the story of Seema-Anju
Talking in this interview, Sunny Deol said that he could not connect with the story of Seema Haider. He said, now there has been a lot of change in technology, so now people meet and talk through apps, but this was not the case earlier. Sunny Deol said that he could not relate to the story of Anju and Seema Haider being shown on TV.

advance booking in full swing
Talking about the advance booking of Gadar 2, this film is moving fast leaving everyone behind. Even before the release of the film, a lot of excitement is being seen among the people. The film has sold 30,000 tickets on the very first day, flagging in advance booking.

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