Sumona Chakraborty Birthday: Kapil’s onscreen wife Sumona Chakraborty was addicted to cigarettes, now even smoke cannot be tolerated

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Sumona Chakraborty Image Credit source: Photo Credit: Instagram

Sumona Chakraborty Birthday Special: TV’s famous actress Sumona Chakraborty She is very popular for her beauty and outspokenness. From Comedy Nights With Kapil Kapil Sharma Sumona, who plays his onscreen wife, remains very active on social media and her photos and videos get a lot of headlines on social media. Today i.e. on June 23, Sumona’s birthday Is. Sumona, who was trolled because of her smoking video, stopped smoking 4 years ago.

Let me tell you, a few years ago Sumona got trolled for one of her videos. Actually this video was done during the shooting of Kapil Sharma Show, in which Sumona was seen smoking and someone shared this video on social media. . The clips and screenshots of this video went viral and for this reason the actress was targeted a lot. But a few years after this incident, Sumona decided to quit smoking.

Announcement was made on social media

In the year 2019, Sumona shared an interesting post on Instagram saying that she has quit smoking. In this post, Sumona wrote that two years ago, on the birthday of a very special friend, she quit smoking, I took this decision very suddenly and for this she did not take the help of any nicotine patch or any other thing.

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Can’t even stand the smoke anymore

In her post, Sumona further wrote, “After deciding to quit smoking, I didn’t even touch it, was it difficult for me? Yes this work was very difficult for me, but now my body itself refuses to smoke, now I can’t even stand in that room where someone else is smoking, that smoke can’t be tolerated. Just like John the Greek said, “It is very difficult to give up something until you give it up, and then it becomes very easy.”

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