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Subrata Roy Net Worth: Subrata Roy, founder of Sahara, one of the most famous businessmen of the country, died in Mumbai on 14 November. It was being told that he was admitted to Kokila Ben Ambani Hospital in Mumbai, where he breathed his last at the age of 75. Amidst all this, today in this article we will know about Subrata Roy’s net worth and business.

How much property did Subrata Roy own?subrata roy net worth,

subrata roy net worth

Most of the fans know Subrata Roy as the sponsor of the Indian cricket team. In fact, Subrata’s Sahara had been the sponsor of the Indian cricket team for more than a decade. According to media reports, at that time his net worth was more than 11 billion dollars.

According to a 2014 BBC report, Subrata Roy also owned Plaza Hotel in New York and Grosvenor House in London. Not only this, he was also the owner of the former veteran Formula One racing team.

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Subrata Roy has been associated with controversies

subrata roy net worth
subrata roy net worth

It is said about Subrata Roy that he had provided employment to about 10 lakh people of the country, although he was accused of fraud. In fact, he was seriously accused of defrauding investors. After which he was sent to Tihar Jail in Delhi on 4 March 2014.

The court had also ordered Subrata Roy to return Rs 20,000 crore to investors along with interest. After which Subrata remained in constant trouble. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that after this decision of the court, his personal life as well as his professional life was badly affected.

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