Some such cemeteries in the world where even the graves speak, there are stories written along with the names on the stones.

Whenever you hear the word kabristan, you would think that it is a very sad and scary place. Most people don’t think about learning about cemeteries until they actually have to visit one. Often the main reason for visiting a cemetery is the death of someone known. Yes, if a person’s acquaintance dies, he goes to the cemetery for his last rites. Generally, graveyard is considered a sad place, most of the people avoid visiting such a place. But there is an island in Germany where the graves buried in the cemetery speak and not only speak but their names as well as their stories are written on them. Today through this article we will talk about one such cemetery.

Answers to life’s questions can be found only by looking at the grave.

There is an island named Fohr-Amroom in Germany, where the graves buried in the cemetery have special grave stones on them, due to these reasons the news here is considered special. Because the gravestones installed in the cemeteries of other places have only the name, date of birth and date of death of the deceased inscribed on them, but in the cemetery present in this island of Germany, the gravestones installed on their graves are But some special story, anecdote or some important things related to those who died are written. Seeing these, answers to many questions related to the life of the person who died are found.

This grave stone is called talking grave stone

Some cemeteries in the world where even the graves speak

Many stories and legends related to those who died are written on the grave stones in these cemeteries located in Ireland, Germany, due to which these grave stones are called talking grave stones. The tradition of writing stories on stones started from the 17th century. Most of the people buried here were sailors, they had many exciting stories related to their lives. According to the report of Amusing Planet website, these two islands are present in the North Sea towards the western coast of Germany, where the tradition of talking grave stones is still followed. We will see this scene in many cemeteries present on the island.

Why are there stories written on grave stones?

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Some cemeteries in the world where even the graves speak

In the 17th century, this lighthouse had become a huge whaling center, where whales were caught. Whenever Dutch and English ships passed through this lighthouse, they would definitely stop here. Local people were employed from here. Many times it happened that even minor children up to 12 years of age were employed in this village and they used to take them with them to catch whales. When these people returned from this island, they had many such stories related to the sea, which they used to tell to everyone and then these stories were inscribed on the grave stones.

These things are written on grave stones

Some cemeteries in the world where even the graves speak
Some cemeteries in the world where even the graves speak

There were many such grave stones on this island, on which the age, date of birth and death of the person buried in the cemetery, the names of the husband and wife, children and even their stories were inscribed. Sometimes when there were a lot of things to write, this was also written backwards. The grave stones of poor people were made of red sand stone, while the grave stones of rich people were even made of gold.

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