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jawan review : For many days no Bollywood film was running and on the other hand South had given many hit films. Due to this many people were saying that the time of Bollywood is over and now the time of South Cinema has come. Many theaters were also closed due to non-success of any film. But friends, meanwhile, Sunny Deol’s Ghadar 2 comes, which kills Bollywood. And then comes Shahrukh Khan’s young Which is earning well but in one case that too died in front of Gadar 2.

In this case the jawan backward from Ghadar 2

Ever since the release of Sunny Deol’s Gadar 2, she has been earning well, according to a figure, her film has done business of Rs 500 crores. On the other hand, Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan film is also showing success in terms of earning in theatres. But friends Jawan film died in the stock market ahead of Gadar film, now you must be wondering what the film has to do with the stock market. So friends, it has nothing to do with it directly, but it definitely has something to do with the chain of cinema halls, multiplexes, PVR. Where Sharukh Khan’s Jawan could not stand in front of Sunny Deol’s film.

Sunny Deol’s Ghadar 2 created real Ghadar

When Sunny Deol’s Ghadar 2 film was released in theatres, after that the film had earned well. Along with this, a 12 percent jump was also seen in the shares of Multiplex. Earlier the share price of the company was Rs.1800 but after the release of the film it went up to Rs.1830.

The company expected that after the film of Shahrukh Khan, this share would go up to Rs 2000, but it could go further only a few points. That’s why some people started saying that the father is the father and the son is the son, from this you can guess who is called the father here and who is the son.

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