Sharing the photo of Rohit and his daughter, Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan wrote, ‘May Allah not give any daughter a characterless father.’

Cricketer Mohammed Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan often remains in controversies. Meanwhile, now he has made such a post, which has created a stir. Actually, while sharing the photo of Team India captain Rohit Sharma and his daughter Adara in his post, he has said a very controversial thing.

Hasin Jahan made a controversial statement

Hasin Jahan

Model and Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan has targeted Shami in her official Instagram post. In fact, he has expressed his feelings about the role of father in the life of daughters. In his post, he mentioned the very loving relationship between fathers and their daughters and also questioned the negative characters of some fathers.

In her post, Haseen shared the photo of cricketer Rohit Sharma and his daughter Samaira and while targeting Shami, wrote, ‘Most fathers find solace in the small lap of their daughter and some daughters find solace in the lap of their father. May Allah not give a characterless father to any daughter. Ameen. Prayers to Allah. Give patience to my little daughter, Amen.

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Hasin Jahan People are trolling

Hasin Jahan
Hasin Jahan

Haseen Jahan is facing a lot of trolling because of this post. While criticizing Hasin, a user wrote, ‘He is like himself, he considers everyone like him, Shami is running her expenses only with her brother’s money.’ Another user wrote, ‘First correct the spelling of Sukoon and then give peace to others. Ohhh sorry-sorry, you can’t give anything except looking at others.

One user defended Shami and wrote, ‘You are not worthy of Shami, you useless woman.’

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