Sana Khan and Anas named their son, told the cute meaning

Sana Khan Son Name: Actress Sana Khan married Surat-based businessman Maulana Anas Syed after leaving the entertainment industry in 2020. Now Sana has become a mother for the first time on 5th July. For a long time Cessna was in discussions regarding their delivery. Now when this couple has become parents for the first time, their happiness is beyond measure. The actress has now revealed the name of her child. Along with this, he also told the meaning of this name.

What is the name of Sana Khan’s child?
Sana Khan and Anas have named their first child Syed Tariq Jameel. Explaining this, Sana said in a conversation with E Times, ‘It is said that the name has a lot of effect on a person. Hence, we wanted a name that signifies purity, gentleness, care and honesty. Jameel means beauty, and Tariq means pleasant. While talking about becoming a mother, Sana said, ‘It is one of the best emotions in the world.’

What does Sana Khan think about the responsibilities of being a mother?
Sana further added, “Bringing a new life into the world is special in itself. I still can’t believe that he is my child. It feels like I have come to meet someone else’s child. This is the moment of a lifetime.” responsibility, and you are responsible for everything good or bad that happens in your baby’s life. A woman goes through many changes during this time. When your baby cries, you feel it too. He is so small That we don’t know how to hold her. So, for now, my mother-in-law is changing her diapers.”

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