Salman Khan’s ex-girlfriend Somi Ali targeted the ‘King of Bollywood’, said- He has a daughter…

Somi Ali Posts: Salman Khan’s ex-girlfriend remains very active on social media. She has already shared posts against the actor and now once again she has targeted Salman. In this post, he has talked about his abusive relationship. This time Somi has targeted another superstar along with Salman Khan. He has spoken without taking the name of the actor. Somi has written in her post saying King of Bollywood.

Somi has shared a long post on Instagram. While sharing many of his pictures, he wrote – I will be asked to remove this post. I will be questioned about my sanity. Talks will be made about my drinking problem, yet I will continue. Because you haven’t gone through so much humiliation, all kinds of torture and abuse. No one supported you because the one who insulted you is a big star and you are his friend.

Somi further wrote – He can make and spoil someone’s career. You think your friends will support you because they know everything, you have told them everything and they have seen it all.

King of Bollywood targeted
Talking about another superstar, Somi wrote- Can I add a very nice person, who said that this abuser is a very “lovely person”. Remember I am talking about an actor for whom I have utmost respect, but I also know why he is in a bind.

Somi further wrote- Yet it is sad and ironic that this superstar has so much respect for women that yet he looks like this abuser, it amazes me. Somi said in the last – I will not let any obstacle hinder my ability to take my stand, especially when she has a daughter of her own. Hey, when his son was accused of drugs case, I publicly took many stands for him. But I guess to each their own.

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