Salman Khan reprimanded Akanksha Puri, took class of Nawazuddin’s wife too

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Salman Khan and Alia Siddiqui

Big Boss OTT 2: bigg boss ott 2 One week’s time has been completed. On the other hand, the first Weekend Ka Vaar of the show was shown on the previous day. Which was hosted by Salman Khan. Salman Khan reprimanded some contestants in the first week itself and also removed the mask of lies from their faces. The show started on the previous day with host and actor Manish Paul. Manish had reached the show to promote his film.

Manish hosted a task on the show where the contestants were asked to name a strange film to another contestant. During this, Salman Khan also joined the stage and played this task with the contestants. Salman advises Abhishek that he has made a great entry in the house, but now he is seen lost and lost. Bhaijaan asks Malhan to bring back the excitement with which she had entered the show.

After Abhishek and Malhan, Salman Khan took Akanksha Puri in half. First, Salman made Akanksha sit on a special seat i.e. chair with thorns. Then he reprimanded Babika Dhurve for fabricating a false story. Salman asks Puri why she is constantly shaming Babika, calling her dangerous, questioning her mental state and mental health and suggesting a medical check-up for her.

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Salman said to Puri, “Your habit of making these gossips and setting false stories is inside the house as well as outside. And there is no need to tell unnecessary false stories. If you think that Bebika will hurt you, then you are wrong. Then, Salman lashed out at Alia Siddiqui. Aaliya was seen talking about her past relationship and failed marriage with Nawazuddin Siddiqui in front of the housemates. For which Salman said very bitter things while explaining to him.

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