Raveena Tandon had caught Akshay Kumar red handed with these two women.. there was a ruckus –

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Akshay Kumar is an actor whom people like very much. He is also known as Khiladi Kumar of Bollywood. There were many ups and downs in his film career but he never gave up and kept moving forward. His film was released in the year 1986. His name was the player of players. The chemistry of Raveena Tandon and Akshay Kumar in this film was highly appreciated by the audience.

Akshay and Raveena were on secret dating

Akshay and Raveena

Let us tell you that Akshay Kumar was on a secret dating with Raveena Tandon. Both of them did many films together. The audience liked their pairing very much at the screening. The closeness between them increased in 1995. They never made their relationship public and did not want to. The closeness between them increased when the film Mohra was released in the year 1994.

The closeness between Rekha and Akshay increased

  Rekha and Akshay
Rekha and Akshay

In the year 1996, news started coming that romance was going on between Akshay Kumar and Rekha. A statement of Raveena was printed in big letters on the cover page of a magazine. In which it was written that I saw Akshay Rekha and Sushmita Sen caught red handed. He said that Akshay wanted to get rid of Rekha. Later, Raveena had said in one of her interviews that nothing like this was going on between the two. Akshay wanted to run away from Rekha.

Engagement took place in the 90s

Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar

Let us tell you that when Akshay Kumar got engaged in the 90s, Akshay had nothing to do with Rekha. Raveen said that Rekha wanted to prepare and send lunch for Akshay from home. But Akshay did not want this at all. He wanted to get rid of them.

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