Ramayana Tv Show: TV’s Ramayana ahead of Adipurush in terms of earning, the budget was also so many crores

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Ramayan TV Shows: today when first man If people did not like it, then people again gave reference to Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana. even today people TV serial Associated with and likes to watch it. The special thing about this show was that people got emotionally connected with it and they liked the serial. This show not only made a place in the hearts of the people, but this show also earned a lot of profit. He had earned so much that Adipurush could not imagine even in his dreams.

How much was the budget of Ramayana?

Ramanand Sagar had spent a lot of money in making Ramayana. He had spent around 9 lakh rupees in making each episode. Accordingly, the cost of making the show was around Rs 7 crore. According to that time, this cost can be said to be very high. According to the reports, 9 lakhs of that time would be considered equal to around 1 crore in today’s era. The telecast of Ramayana was done on January 25, 1987. Even after this, during the Corona period, according to the demand of the people, the show was retailcasted.

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How much did the serial earn?

Talking about TV shows, Ramayana also earned a lot of profit in every episode. According to BBC reports, Ramayana has been shown in 53 different countries and 650 million people have seen it. According to the reports of India Today, the show earned Rs 23 crore in its first run on Doordarshan. Apart from this, in total around 30-35 crore rupees have been earned from the serial till now. If seen from this point of view, the show had earned thrice the cost, which was beyond the power of Adipurush.

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How is the condition of Adipurush

Talking about Prabhas starrer Adipurush, the film got a very good response in the beginning. The film got the benefit of advance booking. But since then there was a huge decline in the film’s earnings. The film is made in a budget of 500 crores and till now has earned more than 200 crores in Hindi. Worldwide the collection of the film has also crossed 400 crores. But it has become clear from the earnings of the film in the last few days that the film will not be able to survive at the box office for a long time.

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