Rajeev Khandelwal has also become a victim of casting couch, said- ‘No one talks about the safety of men’

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Statement of Rajeev Khandelwal: Casting couch is not a new issue in Bollywood and in the last few years many actresses have made revelations on casting couch. But in the last few times, there have been some actors who have casting couch Have shared experiences. just a while ago Shahid Kapoor Rajeev Khandelwal, who was seen in the web series ‘Baldi Daddy’, talked about casting couch. He told that he has become a victim of casting couch. The actor shared his experience in detail.

Rajeev Khandelwal told in an interview to India Today that women’s safety is talked about everywhere but who would think about men’s safety. Nobody talks about it. The actor said- Usually men do not mention much about such incidents that happened to them. There is a mindset that women get more attention than men in such matters. Unfortunately, I too have faced the casting couch. But the society thinks yes it is okay, he is a boy, he must have managed.

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Further, the actor said that when a man talks about casting couch, there is no hype created. But whenever a woman talks about casting couch, the matter goes too far. It starts being mentioned everywhere and the momentum changes completely. This is because in this male-dominated society, women have been subjected to atrocities since a long time. In such a situation, there is more sensitivity about women in all these matters.

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change is happening now

In today’s era, women have become more strong, smart and confident than before and practically deal with all these things well. Today even men are afraid of women. There are many cities where boys are afraid of girls lest girls take advantage of them. As a man, I do not take any woman lightly. Now things are changing and I am seeing this change. The actor has been away from the TV world for a few years and is doing films.

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