Poonam Pandey is alive, know why the drama of death was done, people got angry on social media

Model and actress Poonam Pandey is known for her outspoken statements and strange antics, however the news of her demise on Friday (February 2) broke everyone. From his fans to many big celebs of the country, he expressed grief over the news of his demise through tweets.

After the news of Poonam’s demise, some people did not believe the news, seeing the old track record of Poonam, they called this news fake, but the death was confirmed by her own official social media account, hence there is no rumor. There was no question but on Saturday the same thing happened for which Poonam Pandey is known.

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Poonam Pandey are alive

Poonam Pandey

On Friday, the news came that Poonam had died due to cervical cancer and on Saturday morning, Poonam herself shared a video from her official Instagram account that she is alive.

Many people might be wondering why Poonam did the drama of dying? And what did they call cervical cancer?

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Actually, Poonam had created this entire drama for cervical cancer awareness. He told in his video that most of the women of the country are aware about cervical cancer. Due to which they lose their lives. He did this whole drama only for cervical cancer awareness.

This whole drama of Poonam Pandey has created a lot of drama among the people on social media and they are criticizing her a lot. See some tweets:-

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