Neha Kakkar did not even believe in love, this is how the ‘song’ of love played in her life.

Neha Kakkar Unknown Facts: Neha Kakkar, who makes people crazy with her melodious voice, has made fans all over India by singing many songs. But whenever it came to love, his heart was shattered. Neha Kakkar, who sings wonderful love songs, never thought that her search for a life partner would be fulfilled only by her singing. Yes, Neha Kakkar had not even thought of making anyone her partner before 2020, but Rohanpreet’s entry forced her to say, ‘We have met you by great luck…’. The journey of both of them till their marriage is very beautiful and today on the occasion of their wedding anniversary, we are going to tell you their love story.

The song made Rohan-Neha a pair

Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh had no idea at the time of their meeting that they would be united forever. But God had something different in mind for both of them, which even Neha and Rohan were not able to reject. Neha Kakkar received the most precious gift from God during her work. Actually, Rohanpreet and Neha’s first meeting was on the sets of ‘Nehu The Vyaah’. It’s amazing, isn’t it? The first meeting of both of them, during the shooting of the song, will become the reality of Neha and Rohanpreet Singh. It is very difficult to believe, but this is the truth.

Lost my heart in the first meeting

Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh’s hearts started beating for each other in their first meeting on the set of the song ‘Nehu The Vyah’. Both were attracted towards each other’s qualities as if they were made for each other. While Neha liked Rohanpreet’s behavior with everyone, Rohan found the singer very simple. After being betrayed in love by Himansh Kohli, Neha Kakkar had lost faith in love, hence she now wanted to marry only her favorite person. This thinking of Neha became the reason for stopping the conversation between Rohanpreet and her. Actually, when Rohanpreet had proposed to Neha, Neha had directly asked for marriage.

Rohan talked about marrying Neha while drunk

This answer of Neha had put Rohanpreet Singh in doubt because he was only 25 years old at that time and was not ready for marriage. In such a situation, both of them had kept distance from each other. However, after staying away from Neha for a few days, Rohanpreet realized that he cannot live without her. While drunk, Rohan called Neha and talked about marrying her, which the singer did not believe. But in the morning, even in full consciousness, Rohanpreet repeated the same things, after which Neha asked Rohan to talk to his mother. Neha’s mother said yes and their marriage was fixed. This is how Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh traveled till their marriage on 24 October 2020.

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