Money rained on the teams that were out of World Cup 2023, know how much prize money they received –

World Cup 2023: The names of four semi-finalist teams for the World Cup 2023 have been finalized. Along with host India, teams from Australia, South Africa and New Zealand have qualified for the semi-finals. Apart from this, the journey of 6 other teams has ended from World Cup 2023.

Apparently, ICC will shower money on the teams that make it to the semi-finals and finals, but the interesting thing is that even the teams that do not make it to the semi-finals will not return to their country empty handed. Today in this article we will know how much prize money will be given to which team.

world Cup of 2023 How much prize money will the teams eliminated from the semi-finals get?

world cup 2023

A record prize money of Rs 82.93 crore has been kept for the ICC World Cup 2023. Apart from this, the 6 teams which have not made it to the semi-finals. He will get Rs 82 lakh. Apart from this, a prize of Rs 33.17 lakh was given for winning each match in the group stage.

Apart from this, if we talk about the prize money of the teams that make it to the semi-finals, the team that wins the World Cup will get approximately Rs 33.17 crore. Whereas the runner-up team will get Rs 16.58 crore as prize money.

Apart from this, the two teams which will get place in the semi-finals. He will be given Rs 6.63 crore.

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India has earned the most till now

world cup 2023
world cup 2023

Host India has won all 9 matches of the World Cup 2023. In such a situation, the team has so far collected Rs 2.93 crore. Apart from this, along with making it to the semi-finals, the team has also confirmed the prize money of Rs 6.63 crore.

If India defeats New Zealand in the first semi-final and makes it to the final, then the team will get at least Rs 16.58 crore.

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