‘MC Stan ko hi lagegi because…’- Puneet Superstar fuming after coming out of Bigg Boss

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MC Stan and Puneet Superstar

Big Boss OTT 2: big bossy Season 2 of OTT is being hosted by Salman Khan this time. This season, which is being streamed on Jio Cinema, can also be seen live for 24 hours. This time the makers have made many surprising contestants a part of the show. The most shocking was the entry of social media star Prakash Kumar aka Puneet Superstar on the show. But more shocking than that was that within a day he was shown the way out of the show.

In the house of Bigg Boss OTT, the family members were upset due to the antics of Puneet Superstar. After this, in a single day, Bigg Boss threw Puneet Superstar out of the house after taking their opinion from the family members. Now since the day Puneet has been thrown out, he has become more active on Instagram. Along with Bigg Boss, he is also making statements against MC Stan.

why against puneet mc

When Puneet Superstar came on the show, he got the second number according to the votes of the public. But the people’s voice means some special people who came on the show put him at number nine. Apart from this, during the grand opening, MC Stan called Puneet’s content as ‘cringe’. Puneet is furious because of this.

After coming out, Puneet is continuously speaking against MC Stan. Now he has said in his latest video that MC Stan will be cursed and cursed by poor children. Puneet said, “The money that I used to earn from Bigg Boss, I would have donated all the money to poor, orphan children. MC stand called my comedy cringe there. MC Stan took pity on the poor children, whom I used to feed bread after earning money from Bigg Boss.

Puneet speaking against Bigg Boss as well

After coming out of the house, Puneet Superstar is continuously making videos against Bigg Boss. He says that whatever he earned, he would have helped the poor. But the people of Bigg Boss snatched the bread from the stomach of the poor. Let us tell you that Puneet Superstar’s fame has increased since he was thrown out of Bigg Boss house. His Instagram followers are also increasing continuously. Now his followers have reached 1.6 million.

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