Manoj Muntashir apologizes unconditionally with folded hands on ‘Adipurush’ controversy, wrote this in tweet

Manoj Muntashir on Adipurush: ‘Adipurush’, directed by Om Raut, was released in theaters on 16 June. Prabhas played Raghav, Kriti Sanon played Mata Janaki and Saif Ali Khan played Lankesh in the film based on the Sanskrit epic Ramayana. However, the film came into controversy due to poor VFX and poor portrayal of dialogues and characters. Makers were accused of making fun of Sanatan Dharma.

At the same time, Manoj Muntashir was severely criticized for using street language in the film and using modern abuses in the dialogue. Although earlier the makers and Manoj Muntashir had supported ‘Adipurush’, but now finally Manoj Muntashir has apologized on the ‘Adipurush’ controversy.

By Manoj MuntashirLone man’ apologized for the controversy
Three weeks after the release of the film, Manoj Muntashir has apologized for the Adipurush controversy by tweeting that he has also called Hanuman a god. Manoj has written an apology note in Hindi and English on his social media handle on Saturday, July 8. He wrote, “I accept that public sentiments have been hurt by the film Adipurush. I apologize unconditionally with folded hands to all my brothers-sisters, elders, respected sages-saints and devotees of Shri Ram. Bhagwan Bajrang Bali Hum Be kind to all, give us strength to serve our holy eternal and great country by remaining one and unbroken!”

Manoj Muntashir getting trolled even after apology
After this apology, social media users are trolling Manoj Muntashir a lot. One user wrote, “Too late. When the film flopped, the theaters started getting off the screens, when there was nothing left to lose, when the anger of the public cooled down on its own, then you are apologizing. This work should have been done within a few days of the film’s release, but then you were busy counting the collections and rubbing salt in the wound by defending the film. Now the film’s earnings have stopped completely, so they are apologizing. Well, better late than never.

Another user wrote, “You apologized when all the airs were loose. When the whole country was angry on Adipurush, you were shamelessly showing the collection by writing ‘Thank you my country’. After that the makers of Adipurush were shamelessly defending their crimes. You used to think that Hindu society is stupid. Considering you as Maharishi Valmiki or Tulsi Baba, he will accept your every word. But when the film has come out from the theatre, you have not been able to recover the cost, then you are apologizing. By the way, is this apology for the crimes committed in Adipurush or is it to avoid your future projects not getting flopped? Many other users have trolled Manoj like this.

Due to controversies, the fleet of ‘Adipurush’ got destroyed
Please tell that ‘Adipurush’ was made in a huge budget of more than 500 crores. The opening of the film was good, but after that it got stuck in such controversies that its loot got drowned. The film has completely failed at the box office and has not been able to recover even half of its cost. In such a situation, ‘Adipurush’ has proved to be a big loss deal for the makers.

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