Librarian Dubey did not die due to fall, Akhil Mishra’s wife made a shocking revelation –

Actor Akhil Mishra, who played the role of librarian Dubey ji in the blockbuster film 3 Idiots, directed by famous Hindi cinema director Rajkumar Hirani, passed away a few days ago. There is mourning in the entertainment world due to this news.

On the death of Akhil, it was claimed in the media that the actor was shooting in Hyderabad, during which he died after falling from the balcony. However, now the late actor’s wife Suzanne Bernert has revealed that Akhil did not die due to the fall.

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How did it happen Akhil Mishra passed away?

During a conversation with a media channel, Akhil Mishra’s wife Suzanne Bernert revealed the truth of her husband’s death. The media asked Suzanne Bernert whether her husband Akhil died by falling from the terrace or by falling from the kitchen.

In response to this question, Suzanne Bernert surprised everyone by saying, ‘I don’t know why so many contradictory news are coming out.’

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He further said, ‘Akhil had fallen in our kitchen. He had probably climbed on the chair to pick up something and then suddenly fell down. Then one of our neighbors admitted him to a nearby hospital. By then he was conscious. But then he started having blood pressure problems, due to which he died.

Suzanne Bernert finally told, ‘My husband Akhil was suffering from high blood pressure problem for some years and he was also admitted to the hospital last month for its treatment. He recovered after treatment but was feeling dizzy many times due to increasing BP. It seems to me that after climbing the chair, Akhil felt dizzy and fell down.

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