Kissing scenes were filmed without the consent of these actresses, one of them cried bitterly

Kissing Scenes Without Actresses’ Permission: Filming intimate scenes in films is not new. For many years, such scenes have been filmed according to the script of the film. But not all actresses are comfortable in doing such scenes. There have been reports regarding actresses being uncomfortable.

Valentine Week is celebrated from 7th to 14th February and ‘Kiss Day’ is celebrated on 13th February. On this special occasion, we will tell you about some actresses who faced problems while shooting kissing scenes. At the same time, such scenes have been filmed even without the consent of some.

When actresses were scared of doing ‘kissing scenes’


Veteran actress Rekha did a kissing scene with Bengali actor Vishwajit Mukherjee at the age of just 15. Actress Rekha has mentioned this incident many times in her interviews. The actress had told that the director had not told the actress about that kissing scene. The actress came to know after the shot was to be shot. She could not say anything but this scene was filmed for 5 minutes during which Rekha was very frightened and later cried bitterly.

Madhuri Dixit

In the year 1988, the film Dayavan was released in which Madhuri Dixit was seen opposite Vinod Khanna. Many intimate scenes were shot between Madhuri and Vinod in this film. According to reports, a liplock scene of Vinod and Madhuri was to be shot in this film for which the actress was not ready. Madhuri was new in the industry so she could not say much. When he asked the film’s director Firoz Khan to remove it, the director refused saying that it was a demand of the script. It has been told in many media reports that during that scene Vinod Khanna did not stop even after saying cut and later the actress cried a lot.

Karishma Kapoor

The film Raja Hindustani, released in the year 1996, was a superhit film starring Karisma Kapoor and Aamir Khan. The kissing scene of this film was in the news a lot, about which the actress had made a surprising revelation. According to reports, Karisma had said that as per the script, a small kiss scene was to be shot for which she somehow prepared herself. But later that scene became very long and the condition of the actress became very bad.

Radhika Apte

A quite sensational scene was filmed in the 2015 film Parched. There was a lot of controversy over some scenes of Radhika Apte in that scene. The actress had told in an interview that there was a scene for which she remained very upset even after several months of doing it, because people had trolled her badly.

Rajshree Deshpande

A tremendous scene of Rajshri Deshpande was shot with Nawazuddin Siddiqui in Anurag Kashyap’s film Sacred Games. According to reports, the actress had told that she was not comfortable doing that scene and she was afraid of how people would view it. The actress had told at that time that she was trolled a lot on social media later, after which she also lost sleep.

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