Keshu Ramsay shines with ‘Family’, he made Akshay Kumar ‘Mr Khiladi’

Keshu Ramsay Unknown Facts: He belongs to the Ramsay family, which gave the taste of horror films to Bollywood. However, he created the magic of such films on the world, due to which everyone got their player. We are talking about Keshu Ramsay, one of the seven brothers of the Ramsay family, who left this world on this very day.

Ramsay was named like this

You will be surprised to know that Ramsay is not a name, yet it became his identity. Actually, this story begins from the British era. The name of Ramsay Brothers’ father was Fateh Chand Ramsinghani, which the British had a lot of difficulty in pronouncing in full. In such a situation, he changed the short form of Ramsinghani to Ramsay and this name made his family famous. Fateh Chand, along with his seven sons Tulsi Ramsay, Shyam Ramsay, Gangu Ramsay, Kumar Ramsay, Keshu Ramsay, Kiran Ramsay and Arjun Ramsay, had created the brand of horror films.

Holding cinema’s hand with family

Keshu Ramsay, born during the year 1955, started working in films because of his family. Actually, Fateh Chand Ramsinghani engaged all his seven sons together in the business of film making. In these, Kumar Ramsay used to do scripting and Gangu Ramsay used to handle cinematography. Kiran Ramsay was responsible for the sound department and Keshu was responsible for the production. Apart from this, Arjun Ramsay looked after the editing work, while Shyam Ramsay and Tulsi Ramsay used to direct.

Keshu Ramsay’s career was like this

Like his family, Keshu also started his career with horror films. He first made the film Haveli during the year 1985. After this, he scared people a lot with films like Dak Bangla in 1987, Mera Shikar and Mahal in 1988. However, after this Keshu Ramsay tried his hand in a different genre and during 1993 made the film Vishnu Vijay in Kannada language, whose Hindi remake was made under the name of Ashant.

Akshay Kumar made ‘Mr Khiladi’

After 1995, Keshu Ramsay turned towards family and action films. This was the period when Akshay Kumar had shown his ability on the big screen, but could not become a player. Keshu made the film Mr. Bond with Akshay Kumar during the year 1992. After this, he made Akshay Kumar the Khiladi of Bollywood by making films like Insaan, Khaki, Khiladi 420, International Khiladi, Mr. and Mrs. Khiladi, Khiladi ka Khiladi, Sabse Bada Khiladi etc. Keshu Ramsay died on 19 October 2010 due to a heart attack.

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