Karisma Kapoor’s husband had crossed the limits of cruelty during pregnancy, told her mother to slap her

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Karishma Kapoor: The professional life of actress Karishma Kapoor was full of successes, but there were many difficulties in her personal life. Karisma Kapoor dominated the Bollywood industry in the 90s. At that time his personal life was also going well. Her engagement with Abhishek Bachchan was announced, but only then there was an earthquake in her life. Her engagement with Abhishek was broken and in 2003 she married Delhi-based businessman Sanjay Kapoor.

Karishma-Sanjay separated after 11 years of marriage

Karishma’s married life was not good from the beginning. There were frequent quarrels between the two. After getting fed up with all this, both of them got divorced from each other after 11 years of marriage. In 2014, both were separated from each other. During the divorce process, both had made many allegations against each other. Karishma had also filed a dowry harassment case against Sanjay and his mother Rani.

Karishma made serious allegations against Sanjay

During a hearing, Karishma made serious allegations against Sanjay. He had said that once his mother-in-law had given him a dress as a gift. She was pregnant at that time, so that dress could not fit her. Seeing this, Sanjay asked his mother to slap Karishma. Sanjay looked at his mother and said why don’t you slap her?

Sanjay was in extra marital affair

Karishma had also said that Sanjay had an extra-marital affair and his mother used to support him in all this. Karishma had also said that Sanjay was in a physical relationship with his first wife even after marrying her. At present, both Sanjay and Karishma have moved on in their lives. While Karishma is living with her children Samaira and Kian, Sanjay is married to Priya Sachdev. He also has a child.

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