Kangana Ranaut opened her cards on the question of joining politics, told her complete plan

Kangana Ranaut is a Bollywood actress who is famous for her films as well as her outspoken statements. In fact, she often makes a lot of statements regarding issues related to the country. Due to which he has to face criticism on occasions.

Kangana Ranaut has been a big fan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and keeps praising the PM’s work from time to time. In such a situation, she is asked whether she is going to enter politics? Although Kangana has always been saying that she has no intention of entering politics, but this time she has said something different.

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Are you going to enter politics? Kangana Ranaut,

Kangana Ranaut

During a conversation with TV9 Bharatvarsha, Kangana Ranaut answered the question of entering politics. The actress said, “I have fought with political parties for my film sets of many films. It doesn’t keep me away from all these things, I never get the space to do what I want to do for my country. However, if I want to enter politics then perhaps I believe that this is the right time.

Kangana Ranaut further said, ‘The country has given me a lot. To whom I feel a responsibility to give back. I have always been a very nationalist and this image has also taken over my very brilliant acting career. I am well aware that I am greatly loved and appreciated by people.

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