Kangana Ranaut met Bageshwar Baba, said- ‘I felt like hugging him like a younger brother…’

Kangana Ranaut and Bageshwar Baba: Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut had reached Ayodhya on January 21 to be a part of the Ram Mandir Pran Pratistha ceremony. Where she met many people. He has also shared pictures of his meeting with all the people on his social media. Kangana also met Bageshwar Baba in Ayodhya. He has also shared a picture with him. With which he wrote- I felt like hugging him like a younger brother.

After going to Ayodhya, Kangana is giving updates about everything on social media. She has told all the things to the fans about what she is doing and what is happening in Ayodhya. Yesterday he also met many saints.

I met a Guruji who was younger than my age.
While sharing the photo with Bageshwar Baba, Kangana wrote – For the first time, I met a Guruju younger than my age. He is about 10 years younger than me. I felt like hugging him like a younger brother but then I remembered that no one becomes a teacher by age, one becomes a teacher by deeds. Touched Guru ji’s feet and took blessings. Jai bajarangabalee.

This post of Kangana Ranaut is going viral on social media. Kangana and Bageshwar Baba are seen smiling in the photo.

Broom placed in Hanuman Garhi

Kangana Ranaut had reached Ayodhya on 21 January itself. Where he swept the Hanuman Garhi. The video of Kangana sweeping the broom went viral. Many people were also making fun of her in this video because she was sweeping the floor wearing a saree, heavy jewelery and shades. Many people saw this video and said that sister should have removed her glasses. Some people were praising him and saying Jai Shri Ram.

Talking about work front, Kangana Ranaut will soon be seen in the film Emergency. In this film, she has played the role of former Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi.

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