JD Hadid flirted by taking off his T-shirt, told Akanksha about his heart and impressed Rani

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jd hadid bigg boss ott 2Image credit source: Instagram

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Latest Episode Updates: Salman Khan’s show Bigg Boss OTT 2 is very much liked by the people. The story of changing relationships between game planning, love, fight and friendship becomes the story of Bigg Boss house. In the 7th episode on Friday, 23 June 2023, many colors of the housemates were seen. While there was an argument between Babyka Dhruve and Abhishek Malhan, on the other hand, JD Hadid blew the senses of the girls present in the house.

Lebanese model JD Hadid, who arrived on the show, has already settled in the hearts of the girls, now when Hadid took off her T-shirt and showed her body, the hearts of the girls of Bigg Boss house started beating for her. Hadid also did not leave any chance to impress the girls of the house. Being shirtless, JD did the household chores and told Akanksha about his heart.

JD Hadid shares a champagne-matinee with Akanksha

JD Hadid is impressing girls in and outside the Bigg Boss house with his looks and body. Expressing his love for Akanksha, JD said that if you were not in the house then how would I have lived here. You are the one who gives me peace in the fights here.

Manisha Rani wants to make JD Hadid crazy

At the same time, social media influencer Manisha Rani wants to make JD Hadid her fan. Describing Manisha as hot, Hadid said that your fans must be going crazy outside the house. On this Rani said that I want to make you crazy.

Fierce fight between Babyka and Abhishek

At the same time, Bigg Boss had given Babyka a task to get out of jail, in which she had to do face reading of Abhishek and Manisha, but Abhishek was enraged after hearing what Babyka said about Abhishek. There was a fierce fight between the two.

This is just the beginning. Don’t know what is yet to happen in Bigg Boss house. Along with the family members, the fans also wait for whose class Salman Khan will conduct on the weekend.

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