Isha Malviya made a big revelation, ‘Bigg Boss is busy recording secrets in the bathroom of the house…’

Isha Malviya has been one of the most powerful contestants of Bigg Boss 17. However, his journey in the show was full of ups and downs. Actually, due to his personal life he had to face many difficulties.

Due to current and ex-boyfriend, she had to be scolded many times by host Salman Khan. But the good thing is that he accepted his mistake and corrected his mistake.

Did Isha Malviya feel any difference after being scolded by Salman Khan?

Isha Malviya

After coming out of the Bigg Boss house, Isha was asked in Bharti and Harsh’s podcast whether it made any difference to her getting scolded by Salman Khan on national TV. In response to this question, Isha said laughingly, ‘When I was scolded by Salman sir for the first time, I felt really bad. I felt like this is where I have come. I felt like I should leave here soon.

Isha further said, ‘I realized my mistake and went to the bathroom and cried. I did not go in front of everyone and I did not even take the mike inside.

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Isha Malviya told that there is a mic in the toilet

Isha Malviya
Isha Malviya

In the podcast, Bharti asked Isha whether Bigg Boss takes a mike even in the toilet of the house? On this, Isha revealed that ‘it is not necessary to wear a mic in the toilet. But many times people forget to wear the mic and go away. He further told that there are mics installed in the toilet of Bigg Boss.

Isha told that there is a small mic installed on the ceiling of the toilet. Bharti and Harsh were quite surprised to hear this from Isha. Even Isha’s fans on social media are very surprised.

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