‘I have stopped watching Hindi movies…’, Naseeruddin Shah got angry at the makers, claimed that Bollywood movies have no strength.

Naseeruddin Shah On Bollywood Films: Veteran Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah has talked about the content of Hindi films. According to him, Hindi cinema has been around for 100 years but the film makers do not have any new ideas and are making the same type of films. Naseeruddin has told that now he does not even watch Hindi films because he does not like them anymore.

Speaking at Mir’s Delhi, Shahjahanabad: The Evolving City in New Delhi, Naseeruddin said, ‘It really disappoints me that we take pride in saying that Hindi cinema is 100 years old but we keep making the same films. Making. I have stopped watching Hindi films, I don’t like them at all.

What is the power of Hindi films?
Naseeruddin further said, ‘Hindustani food is liked everywhere because it has flavor. What is the power of Hindi films? Yes, they are being seen everywhere. They say how foreign, how Indian, how colourful. But soon they will get bored of it because there is no point in it.

How will Hindi films progress?
Naseeruddin Shah further said that it is the responsibility of serious film makers to show the truth of the society. According to the actor, Hindi cinema can progress only when it is stopped considering it as a means of earning money. Naseeruddin says, ‘But I think it is too late now. There is no solution now because the films which are watched by thousands of people will keep being made and people will keep watching them for God knows how long.

Giving advice, Naseeruddin said that those who want to make serious films, it is their responsibility to show today’s reality and show it in such a way that they do not get fatwa or ED knocks on their door.

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