‘I didn’t know whom I was killing..’, Sunny Deol used to keep a sword and rod in the car

Sunny Deol on carrying weapons in car: Sunny Deol has made a comeback on the big screen with his film ‘Gadar 2’. His film broke many old records at the box office and has become an all-time blockbuster film. In such a situation, this year has proved to be very wonderful for Sunny Deol. Because after many flop films, the actor’s film made huge money at the box office. While the film collected Rs 525.55 crore at the domestic box office, the worldwide film earned Rs 685.7 crore.

After the great success of his film, Sunny Deol has now remembered his old days. During a recent interview with Mashable India, Sunny Deol narrated an unheard incident from his life. He revealed that at one time he used to keep weapons in his car and would get into fights when he got angry. After this, he used to take the help of his mother to hide these quarrels from his father Dharmendra.

Sunny Deol was a victim of ragging
The ‘Gadar 2’ actor said, ‘I have been in a lot of fights. We used to keep swords, iron rods and hockey sticks in our cars. This is about the time when there used to be gangs. Now times are different. Sunny Deol further said, ‘I have had fights everywhere. I was with my friends during the India-New Zealand match at Brabourne Stadium. When some people came to know that I was Dharmendra’s son, they started ragging me. Then they started throwing cigarette butts at me.

‘I just kept beating people…’
Sunny Deol says that he lost his mental balance due to ragging. He said, ‘After all I am a Sardar. My mind went crazy and I didn’t know who I was hitting, I just kept hitting people. We encouraged strangers to run with us. This is the life we ​​have lived. Sunny further said that she had to hide these fights from her father and when these situations went out of control, her mother used to handle them.

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