Had Om Raut not committed these 5 mistakes, Prabhas’ Adipurush would have settled in every heart

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Om Raut Adipurush Big Mistakes: Prabhas And kriti sanon a film by ‘Lone man’ has been facing severe criticism since its release. The film’s director Om Raut has described Adipurush as inspired by ‘Ramayana’. In such a situation, this film was associated with the faith of thousands of crores of people, but the kind of dialogues, characters and VFX shown in the film are hurting people’s sentiments. If these 5 mistakes were not made in the film, then Prabhas and Om Raut would have settled in the hearts of people by becoming Adipurush.

Lord Ram is the ideal of the people. From Ramlila to Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana, people have immense love and reverence in their hearts. People had come to see Adipurush with the same reverence, but this film disappointed the devotees of Ram.

lightness in dialogue

The biggest drawback of Adipurush became the dialogues of the film. From the beginning of the film, there is a lack of strong and emotion dialogues, but Hanuman and Meghnath’s tapori style dialogue made the film lighter. When Hanuman goes to burn Lanka, he says ‘ Your father’s cloth, your father’s oil, your father’s will also burn. Apart from this, dialogues like ‘Lanka laga denge’ have given seriousness and devotion to Lanka. Apart from India, the film has been released in many countries, in such a situation there is a lot of controversy regarding the nationalist dialogue.

Ravana’s world looked dark

The second thing that struck people’s mind while watching Adipurush was the dark world of Ravana. The golden Lanka has been shown black. Ravana’s clothes are shown black. Instead of Ravana’s Pushpak Viman, Sita abducts Mata on a bat, which does not seem to match the image and story of Ramayana. In the second scene, when Brahma ji gives the boon of immortality to Ravana, Ravana turns away laughing without saluting him and without disappearing, which is like an insult to any god.

trying to compete with hollywood

The VFX of Adipurush was being criticized since the time of the teaser. The trailer of the film was also released again for the same reason, but the situation appeared to be the same. The shoddy VFX of the film could not even compete with Hollywood far away ‘Bahubali’. Due to the use of VFX, many scenes were played with. In which the scene of holding Sita in the air and taking her in the air can hurt anyone’s feelings.

Character look change

In the affair of modern Ramayana, the main characters have been molested. From Ravana’s haircut to his overall look, they have made fun of him. Ravana was the king of Lanka, but he was no less than a villain in the film. Ravana was not shown wearing a crown or like a king in a single scene. At the same time, there is a controversy over Bali and Sugriva being shown in chimpanzee’s look. Humans are less visible in the film.

The story was also tampered with

Change is good, but change in some things can be overwhelming for you. This is what happened with Om Raut’s Adipurush. The story of Ramayana, which people have heard since childhood, was tampered with. In Tulsidas’s Ramayana, Laxman was hit by a Shakti arrow while fighting Meghnath, but in the film Laxman is bitten by a snake. Apart from this, changes have been made in many scenes be it Sita’s abduction or Ram’s war.

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