Govinda was never approached for Gadar, Director Anil Sharma said – Poor guy, remember him

Gadar News: Sunny Deol’s film Gadar was a blockbuster hit. This film was directed by Anil Sharma. There were also reports regarding the film that Sunny Deol was not the first choice for it. Actor Govinda was the first choice for the film. It was also said that Govinda and Kajol were going to play the roles of Tara and Sakina. Now the film’s director Anil Sharma has reacted regarding this.

Anil Sharma said that Govinda was never approached for rebellion. The director, who enjoyed the success of Gadar 2, said in an interview, ‘How could Govinda be in this role? Sunny was always there for this. Poor guy, he must not have remembered. I was working with him on something else and I told him that I had a story for Sunny Deol. He asked me what it was and I told him. He said that it is good that I (Anil Sharma) went to Sunny, because he would never have been able to do this film.

He further said, ‘Since I was narrating the story to him, he must have thought that I wanted him for this role. He must have forgotten that I had signed Sunny earlier. The deal was signed with Sunny even before meeting Govinda. It’s like I met Salman Khan before Gadar 2 and he asked me what I was doing. So I told him the story of Gadar 2 and he said that this movie will be a blockbuster. Maybe Govinda might have forgotten. He was a big man, used to do so many films at that time, this was a small thing, it slipped out of my mind.

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