Donald Trump’s son’s tweet, ‘My father has died’, the news created a stir on social media –

Something like this was posted on Wednesday from the social media account of famous businessman Donald Trump Jr., son of former US President Donald Trump. Due to which social media has been created a stir.

In fact, by posting from Trump Jr.’s official Twitter account, it was claimed that his father and former President Donald Trump has passed away. But the interesting thing is that this post was not made by Junior Trump but by some hacker who had hacked his account.

hacked Donald Trump Junior’s Twitter account

Let us tell you that Donald Trump Jr.’s official ‘X’ (Twitter) account was hacked by a hacker and a post was made from his account at around 8.25 in the morning. In which it was written that ‘I am very sad to inform that my father Donald Trump has passed away. I will present my claim in the presidential elections to be held in 2024.

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Donald Trump

Apart from this, the hacker also claimed from his X account that North Korea will be destroyed. Actually, initially Junior Trump’s tweet was accepted as true, but when many tweets were made one by one from his account, it was confirmed that his account was hacked. Apart from this, 21 minutes after these fake tweets, the daily newspaper New York also posted a post confirming that nothing has happened to Donald Trump. He is absolutely fine.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

In fact, not one or two but many objectionable posts were made from Donald Trump Jr.’s X account. However, after getting the account back from the hacker, all the tweets were deleted.

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