Divya started following ‘Don’ at the age of four, this is how the big screen’s Shabb became popular in every household.

Divya Dutta Unknown Facts: Divya Dutta, born on 25 September 1977 in Ludhiana, Punjab, is an expert in spoiling parties with her own style. She breathes life into every film with her acting. Be it Veer Zara or Delhi 6, every time he received such praise that the viewers were surprised. In the birthday special, we are introducing you to some stories from Divya’s life.

Started acting at the age of just four years

Even though Divya Dutta started her acting career at the age of 17, her passion for acting started showing when she was just four years old. Actually, at that time Amitabh Bachchan’s film Don was released, whose song Khaike Paan Banaras Wala she liked very much. She often danced to that song and used to apply her mother’s lipstick on her lips to make them look red. In an interview, Divya had told that at that very moment she had realized that she would earn name only in the world of acting.

Salman taught me how to act to die

When Divya was working in the film Veergati, she had to do a death scene, but things were going wrong again and again. Whenever the director asked her to stop breathing, Divya Dutta started feeling nervous. In such a situation, someone told Salman Khan that the new girl who has come does not know how to die. During that time, Salman canceled his packup and taught Divya to act like she was dying.

Rishi Kapoor had praised like this

Divya Dutta won a lot of praise by playing the character of Shabbo in Veer Zara. He won everyone’s heart by playing the character from youth to old age in this film. At the same time, when in Delhi 6, he cleared two pages of dialogue with abusive language in Haryanvi accent, Rishi Kapoor himself started clapping for him. At that time Divya was only praying to God that this shot should somehow be okay.

Bollywood Gossip: Due to fear of her mother-in-law, this actress had removed the posters of her film, people used to bet that her marriage would break.

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