‘Dhritarashtra’ of Mahabharata targeted the makers, said – no need to use Tapori language

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Adipurush: pan india filmfirst manThe controversy regarding ‘ is taking a new turn every day. The effect of the controversy of this film is now clearly visible on its earnings as well. Day by day the business of this film is going down. Due to the language used in ‘Adipurush’, now people have lost their mind from this film. At the same time, the stars of Ramayana and Mahabharata are also seen protesting against ‘Adipurush’.

In the past, Mahabharata’s Yudhishthira i.e. Gajendra Chauhan had lashed out at the makers of Adipurush. After which now ‘Dhritarashtra’ i.e. Girija Shankar of BR Chopra’s Mahabharata has also questioned the use of ‘Tapori language’ in Adipurush. During an interview, the actor has said that he has not seen the film yet, but has seen the viral clipping on social media.

In fact, during the interview, Girija Shankar was asked about the dialogues used in Adipurush. To which he said that he does not understand how to react to this. How can Hanuman or any other character talk in such language. He feels that the makers could have made it much better. It was not at all necessary to introduce Tapori language in the film.

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Veteran artist Girija Shankar now lives in America. But in connection with work, he keeps coming to India. According to Girija Shankar, better language could have been used in the film. He could have improved the dialogues given to the characters. Let me tell you, many stars including Ram Arun Govila, Mukesh Khanna of Ramayana have presented their opinion regarding Adipurush.

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